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Information and professional development resources

We will try here to offer, firstly, as much as possible from what may represent a bibliography of the pre-modern metallurgical techniques. We will start with short lists, representing the so called "minimal bibliography". Very soon though, we will need the excellence tool of the bibliography-databases. When this public interface of the database will be available (towards the end of the second phase, respectively the end of spring 2006), the bibliographical information will be found in the chapter Databases of our site.

The Bibliography will include atomic engineers and physicists' specialty paper, as well as classical archaeology reference studies. The implementation of an interdisciplinary scientifically cooperation will change something of the optic and practice of the archaeology; without doubt, archaeologist's typological expertise and technological comments will not be altered, but completed with the data offered by the experimental sciences.

What we have named Commented lectures represents the intersection geometric place of the bibliographical recommendations with the on-line resources and with the professional development mediated by the Internet. We intend, on the one hand, to offer our colleagues-but as well to the non-specialist public-pdf copies of several reference studies, together with the highlighting of key-aspects of the presented articles, in the context of ancient metallurgy studies; on the other hand, we desire to offer the specialist from the Consortium the possibility of launching working thesis, as practice ground of the subsequently theoretic papers.

Online documents will comprise digital articles and studies (most of them pdf, but as well html, if it will be necessary), with a short thematic presentation, in order to allow the public to deepen the specific techniques and objectives of this projects.

The links will be grouped on interest domains, stating with web entities from the field of atomic physics and metallographic engineering, continuing with projects and information similar to the object of activity of the Consortium, with heritage collections regarding the metal objects, from the proposed series with priority towards research (gold, silver, bronze).