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Project Presentation

You will find in this chapter data regarding the project as well as the persons who wish to accomplish it, with the following structure:

The Global Objectives page has as a basis the programmatic documents of the Consortium, which can be found in the files of registration at the project's auction, from the summer of 2005. They form a "constitutional" corpus, defining the goals and the means of the project. The name itself ("global objectives") is a compromise between the content of the document and the necessity of a short statement on the left menu column; in fact, it is a complex document set up, according to the custom, from the very history of the problem and an estimation of the scientifically moment in a global context. Its technically-descriptive character recommends it for lecture only to those who wish to deepen the entire technologic and organizational framework.

The Institutions page presents the four entities of the Consortium, with a minimum descriptive record of the activity profile, for who may happen not to know (regarding the fact that they are well known institutions, of which few have not heard at all). The activity profile record does not intend to be an exhaustive, but a suggestive one, using, when it is necessary, references to more elaborate information sources, such as the institutions' web sites. We have to mention as well that only the difficulties related to the management of a project with institutions from different locations, have restrained us to involve in the project other prestigious institutions, from cities such as Cluj, Deva or Alba Iulia (the list is potentially longer and virtually open), institutions that we regard as tacit but at the same time active partners. The three institutions from the Consortium, which have an archaeological profile, will try, furthermore, to represent the vanguard of major scientific interests at national level, besides their own heritage connected interests.

The Specialists page will comprise information regarding the persons involved in he project. In order to create no susceptibilities, the list will be an alphabetic one, opened by the project coordinator. Every CV includes minimum identification data concerning the institutional affiliation, the position within the project, professional experience, part-taking to non-governmental organizations, a bibliographical list and a contact address. The editor of the site has tried to offer a presentation frame as unitary as possible, although the specialties, the length of service in research or the length of the bibliographical lists being considerable variable.

For the first two months of the site's functioning, it is possible that some information to be, still, in course of completion or processing in order to be uploaded. Nevertheless, this chapter of the site is the first that we wish be complete as soon as possible,in order to make room for the actually activities.