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Materials - Reports

The Reports section is dedicated to several phase reports abstracts. Although these are, mainly, justificative accountancy documents, they may ease tracking "the route" of the project. We do not intend to publish all the reports, due to the fact that many of them have a strictly technical aspect (such as the database of the present website), but significant fragments, which anticipate the elaborated studies. Similar to the archaeological reports, for example, the phase reports represent only a technical sketch, the first step to be made.

The dead-line of the projects` phases is the following (adding at every basic thematic):

  • phase Ia - 31st December 2005 (Provenience considerations regarding the Pietroasa gold hoard, using micro-PIXE method)
  • phase Ib - 30th June 2006 (The Study-using XRF and micro-PIXE-of several prehistoric gold objects from the national heritage)
  • phase II - 30th September 2006 (Establishing a database with the composition of Moldavian silver medieval coins)
  • phase III - 31st December (Establishing a database with the compositions of Dacian silver objects and coins)
  • phase IV - 30th June 2007 (Establishing a database with the composition of Dacian silver objects and coins)
  • phase V - 31st December 2007 (Acquisition of a portable XRF system and establishing a procedure in order to utilize it in the archaeometric applications)
  • phase VI - 31st August 2008 (Establishing an e-manual regarding the utilisation of nuclear techniques - XRF, SR-XRF, PIXE and micro-PIXE - in archaeology, exemplified with the results obtained in the foregoing phases, databases for gold, silver and bronze objects).

Generally, the reports will appear after the completion date, but, where it will be possible, the reports may appear before this time-limit, especially for the research scheduled elements.