See 2008 Arheomet International Symposium Programme


This will represent the part of the website where you will find a part of Consortium's activity, namely the one that may comprise information for the general public.

The Reports are taken from the reports of each phase, six intermediary phases, which mark the accomplishment of the project during the three years. These reports represent only the premise of several thorough studies, with the advantage that their processing time is the shortest.

The Studies represent from the scientific point of view, "the finite products" of the project. The website will be used as promoter of the paper publications, anticipating the issuing of the studies in volume. The electronic alternative will be, eventually, an abstract.

All the materials published in this chapter are the object of author's right law, belonging thus to subscribers. The utilisation of the information comprised by this website will be done by referring to the source, in short form as "Arheomet. Reports 4 [= phase] - Author, Title", or "Arheomet. Studies - Author, Title", with the integral reference of the Internet address:[file_name].html.