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"Ancient and Medieval Monetary Technologies and Metrology - The Contribution of the Atomic and Nuclear Analyses"

Symposium held in Bucharest, Romania, May 3rd-6th 2007


The Romanian National History Museum announce the organization of the international symposium "Ancient and Medieval Monetary Technologies and Metrology - The Contribution of the Atomic and Nuclear Analyses", as a part of the ARCHAEOMET project, financed by the Romanian Ministry of the Education and Research. Such a symposium will be held for the first time in Romania and it is intended to be a stimulus for the development of numismatic and archaeometrical researches in Romania and the neighbouring countries. The local organizing committee will be pleased to meet a large number of colleagues working on similar topics in Bucharest.


The symposium intends to present the general progress made during the last years in the studies on the ancient and medieval coinage thanks to the atomic and nuclear analyses, as well as the most recent developments in the metrological studies in numismatics. The symposium will focus mainly on the ancient and medieval monetary metallurgy used by the mints located in South-Eastern and Central Europe, in a broader European context.


  • The organisers will offer meals to the participants, and will try to provide free accommodation (according the financial resources available).
  • The organisers will offer a number of 5 travel grants for under-graduated or graduated students or for other participants, with limited financial resources.
  • The accommodation will be provided from 3rd to 6th May 2007.
  • The symposium will be hosted by the National History Museum of Romania on 4th-5th May and will be followed by a short trip around Bucharest, for visiting significant historical places.


  • 31st of January 2007 for receiving or confirming applications/invitations
  • 30 March for the reception of the abstracts.
  • 4th May for the reception of the complete texts.


All the communications will be available in full-text on the web. Based on the abstracts, a special volume will be issued.